Life With You (14 Years And Counting)

Bonnie and I have been married 14 years today.  I Love You Bon!

Life with you is…..

You are the one I love.
I crave your affection and attention.
Life can change in an instant,
I will treasure my time with you and our kids.
I see so much of us in them.
They are fortunate to be loved by you.
To be raised by us.
To see me kiss you passionately in the kitchen,
Causing them to divert their eyes and scold us for acting so inappropriately.
Dancing with them in the living room.
Me teaching Jordan how to twerk (my version, at least).
Sam laughing in that way that only you can make her.

We feel and experience the full range of emotions in our family.
We live in the ups and downs of life.
The joys, triumphs, and celebrations.
The heartbreaks, failures and mistakes.
The Forgiveness.
Our life will never be easy but who wants that shit!

We’ve sacrificed a great deal for each other and our family. 
Lost pieces of our sanity, our religion and identity.
Through those processes, we’ve been reborn.
Found peace and comfort in the unknowable.
Grown closer together and stronger in our devotion.
Learning one lesson:
No sacrifice is too big, when it comes to us.
We are our own reward.

Damn, I can annoy the shit out of you.
Damn, You can annoy the shit out of me.
Just how we like it.

We are expressive and generous people.
Our emotions can get the best of us.
Our emotions can BE the best of us.
The anger can breakout at the worst times;
Words and actions regretted and forgiven.
The joy can overcome us at the best times;
Dancing in the store or singing way too loud in public.
Sex, mixed with sweat and tears of ecstasy.
We live in the extremes.
Wouldn’t have it any other way.

Live With You Is….. What I Choose.


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