I’m Weak

I’m weak.
Constantly treading water.
Waves crashing.  Winds blowing.
Barely able to get my head above to breathe.
Something’s pulling me down.
It’s me.

She’s strong.
Crashed her ship.
Sank to the bottom.
Found strength to swim to the surface.
Swam with the sharks, knows their face.
Survived.  In her new boat.
She’s reaching for me.

I’m delicate.
Cracks in my foundation.
Could crumble any second.
It’s claustrophobic in here.
Breaking sounds nice.  
Freedom in failing.

She’s stable.
Cracks being repaired.
Battle scars on her walls,
Tokens of victory.
Her house is safe.
The door is open.
She’s inviting me in.

I’m lonely.
Embarrassed by my state of mind.
Retracting from others.
Mistakenly thinking that’s strength.
Just me and my Demons.
Believing their lies… My lies.

She’s enduring.
Faced her Demons.
Overcame their deceit.
Rose from the ashes.
Standing victorious.
Scars to remember.
She’s asking me to believe.

I can’t do this alone.
She didn’t.
I need to take her hand,
Like she took mine.
Borrow her strength,
As she once borrowed mine.
She repeats the words I’ve said to her,
“We’re in this together.  Let me hold you.”

I’ll take her hand.
Enter her house.
Believe her words.
Use her strength.
Feel her grasp.

Allow myself to be weak.



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