This Is Love

I originally wrote this as a Facebook status early this morning, after being reminded/triggered of an experience my wife, Bonnie, and I had less than a year ago.  It was the most traumatic event we’ve faced, yet we survived….. Together.  While we are definitely still dealing with the aftermath, it helped us realize how much we truly need and love each other.

Here’s what I wrote earlier today.

Life changing moments
Illustrate how deeply you need someone.
Some tragic; others heroic.
It’s possible to be both.
The raw emotions of that experience never leave you.
They stay just below the surface, waiting to explode.
Reminding you of what you almost lost.
Who you cherish most;
Giving meaning and purpose.
Reopening wounds.
Tears erupt.
Only desire is to hold your Person.
Feel their warmth and beating heart.
Inhale their scent.
Comforting your soul with their soul.
This is Love.



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